Addiction and Trauma Healing

 Let's dive into the world of addiction and recovery from a whole-body perspective, incorporating somatic experiencing techniques. If you’ve ever hit a meeting you might have heard the ol’ “it’s in the past” narrative. That is true for some, it may be in the past. We cannot go back in time and change things. But the missing piece is that our bodies hold onto our experiences in the present. If left untreated or unresolved research has shown it can creat a host of physical problems. 

When it comes to addressing addiction, it's crucial to recognize that it impacts not just the mind but the entire body. By integrating somatic experiencing techniques into our therapeutic approach, we can help you or the person you love tap into their bodily sensations to process trauma and promote healing.

Imagine being guided through mindfulness practices that allow you to connect with your physical experiences in the present moment. By incorporating breathwork, movement, and grounding exercises, let‘s support you in building resilience and regulating your nervous systems as you navigate the journey of recovery. When we can create more safety in your body, that tension, tightness or upset feeling will lessen. That pit in your stomach or weight on your chest will begin to lift allowing a deeper holding space for your experiences. When you experience that deeper breathe we are communicating to the body “we are safe”. This can allow us to release pent emotion or memory from our bodies and truly move forward from being stuck in our trauma. 

Remember, our bodies carry stories of past traumas and experiences. By approaching addiction and trauma experiences with a whole-body mindset using compassionate inquiry we can help people unravel the narratives stored in their bodies and move towards a path of healing and transformation.

 Somatic experiencing techniques can enhance our whole body healing for addiction recovery. My hope is that those I work alongside can feel empowered enough to reconnect with themselves on a deeper level and embark on a journey towards holistic well-being. After all, aren’t we all just humans trying to have a human to human connection?