Trauma is an invisible force that shapes our lives. It shapes the ways we live, we love and the way we make sense of the word. It is the root of our deepest wounds. -Gabor Mate

You need more from therapy

Regular weekly talk therapy isn’t enough. It feels too slow, too shallow at times. You skim the surface but there’s so much to talk about and so little time. Possibly talking about the things that don’t move you closer to resolving those core wounds of your heart. Maybe you sit on that couch week after week hoping they ask the harder questions, the ones that make you pause and your heart beat a little faster. You hope they pick up on the fact you’re saying one thing but inside you’re feeling another way. That they crash through that wall of fear, of charm willing to hold your broken heart. 

Maybe you want to feel your body because you’ve been numb for so long. Things feel a little better but those deep wounds still live in your heart, creating deeper tunnels for those memories and it becomes harder and harder to remember. Did it even happen? Was it really that bad? You continue to smile and talk every week, knowing it’s the thing that supposed to be helping but it doesn’t feel fully healing. There’s still something missing. 

You’ve tried therapy before and it was what you had hoped. It helped make sense of your struggle, you felt better for a little while. Looking back, it didn’t feel quite complete. There was still that underlying thrum of anxiety, poor sleep or the issue of constant need for distraction. when you close your door at night you still hold those deep dark fears. Underneath that anxiety lurks a hopeless kind of certainty that there is an insurmountable chasm between life as it is now and your heart.

You’re Always feeling lonely

With life’s craze very few people see you. No one really sees you, not even you. You used to think that you preferred it that way. Now it just feels hard to engage with anyone. You avoid eye contact with strangers, you get so anxious at the grocery store you start ordering in, you want to be unseen. A ghost. 

Relationships are so draining. You barely have energy for you much less your partner, your kids or your friends. You tell yourself you don’t want them to feel the guilt for all the immense work you do to just be with them, to be who you want to be when you’re with them. And if resentment sometimes creeps on the edges of your heart, you are well practiced in shoving it ruthlessly away. 

Underneath your love, the truth is more complicated. It always is. And so you find yourself circling back around again, to the call to understand yourself, and even more wildly absurd, to love yourself.

You’re chronically exhausted

You have to work so hard every day just to get the bare minimum done. Life is busy. You already have enough on your plate. You feel like like a ballon ready to pop at any minute and you just want to have a few moments to let it all out. Let go of the worry, tension, relax that tension that holds a permanent resting place in your body. You just want to breathe. 

How can an EMDR Intensive help?

Maybe it’s time, to bet on you, to take a few days to full dedicate to your healing. I’m not asking for years, but just enough time to help crack open that heart of yours. Let’s peek inside and stitch up those wounds that find themselves coming to the surface again and again. Let’s take the time to put those memories away permenately so you can begin to trust yourself. Allow yourself to believe you are so so worthy of love and compassion. Learn what those parts of your heart need in order to feel full For the first time in your life. 

I know you’re busy, you have a life and the last thing you want to do is take the time to fall apart when you have worked so hard at staying put together. The idea of the time it takes every week to make it to an appointment is obnoxious in itself. Quite frankly you might only want to face that one little thing, not the whole basket of hidden trauma. 

Give me a few days, let’s figure out what you need to move through, let go and heal fully so you can live the life you deserve. Following your lead I am going to encourage you to continue using the skills and tools you already have to support our work together.Sure, there will be moments you’ll ugly cry and even want to stop. I will be there to assure you there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you are not alone. You will leave feeling renewed, hopeful and lighter.

How can you trust it will work?

Self-trust and compassion for your heart, mind and body have never been an easy task. You have always struggle with making the right decision. How do you know this will be a good one for you? 

Maybe though, you don’t have to make that choice alone. Take that first step, give me a call and let’s talk it out, let’s see where you are in your healing journey, what you need in your next steps. You’ve always trudged through the hard things by your lonesome. This is not one more of those times. if willing to take the first step it could feel empowering. It might not break you. It could provide you that long wanted relief. 

Anyways, this is the research you’ve probably already read about multiple times and here’s another lap of it for reassurance. 

Intensive application of trauma-focused therapy seems to be well tolerated in patients with PTSD, enabling faster symptom reduction with similar, or even better, results, while reducing the risk that patients drop out prematurely. Learn more here and here.

Intensive EMDR treatment is feasible and is indicative of reliable improvement in PTSD symptoms in a very short time frame. Learn more here.

An intensive program using EMDR therapy is a potentially safe and effective treatment alternative for complex PTSD. Learn more here.

We get into the hardest parts of your core wounding. Have you ever had a messy closet? You know you have to get to it and just dread it. You know it’s going to take up most of your day and you find a million other thngs to do instead? It causes you anxiety and worry just thinking about it? This is similar. But this time you don’t have to do it alone. We go in together, we figure out what were going to tackle, clean it all out, organize it and put it back into your memory in a way that won’t be a constant feeling of out of control But a confident relief. Joy even! 

What will your day look like?

Before an Intensive, we’ll schedule a 60-90 minute Pre-Intensive Interview, during which we’ll talk about your needs and goals, your support, your history and what you’ve already tried. This information will help me to customize your Intensive experience and help to ensure that it is clinically safe for us to move forward. You will also have a chance to ask any questions about the process or what to expect at this time.

Take a look below to see the structure of what a session may look like. All of this is subject to shift depending on individual needs, accommodation and support. The length of your intensive will also be dependent upon what kind of trauma you are looking to resolve. We will discuss what length would be a good fit for you during the Pre-Intensive Interview.

One-day Intensive: Total 7 clinical contact hours

60 minute pre-intensive assessment/consultation
60 minute Target Planning
60 minute led Somatic Body Movement
Lunch is provided
Two 90 minutes EMDR processing sessions
60 minute led Integration/gathering activity

Two-day Intensive: Total 14 clinical contact hours

60 minute pre-intensive assessment/consultation/check in
60 minute Target Planning
60 minute led Somatic Body Movement
Lunch is provided
Two 90 minutes EMDR processing sessions
60 minute led Integration/gathering activity

Week-long Intensive: Total 4 days, 28 hours

60 minute pre-session Integration session
60 minute Target Planning
60 minute led Somatic Body Movement
Lunch is provided
Two 90 minutes EMDR processing sessions
60 minute led integration/gathering activity

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to get scheduled or put on our waitlist. Sessions must be prepaid at the beginning of the EMDR intensive. 

If follow-up EMDR sessions are desired my normal rate will be applied. 

Note: Insurance does not cover the cost of EMDR intensives. Please expect that this will be a cash-pay service that is not reimbursed by your insurance company.

Also Note: If it is determined you are not a good fit for an EMDR Intensive, your payment will be refunded minus the deposit.