Counselor Internship Program

We are proud to offer low cost therapy through our Counselor Intern Program. Counseling Interns are master’s level students in a CACREP accredited graduate program From Gonzaga University. Interns are carefully selected based on life experience and professional training to ensure the highest quality for our clients. Mide Integrative Therapies is a practice that believes in investing in the growth and development in counselors of the future. We host several interns throughout the year, typically for 9-12 months at a time.

Working with an Intern.

I imagine you’re hesitant to work alongside an intern “will they know enough?” is a common question. Yes. They will absolutely know enough to be able to provide the things that make therapy successful like building trust, emotional safety and supervision if uncertain. We ensure our interns are trained in modalities that are trauma based and are aligned with our mission at MIDÉ. 

Our internship program is designed to help you not only begin your healing process but to also provide an affordable option to trying therapy out for yourself or your loved one. Our interns are passionate and dedicated to the art of healing. They work under the supervision of Heather Hart, a Licensed Mental Health counselor in Washington. They also work under the supervision of their clinical supervisor at Gonzaga and additional dedicated staff. Services provided by our interns are offered at a sliding scale rate beginning as low as $40/hour. Our interns are committed to our mission to provide a therapeutic space for all to heal. If you are interested in beginning your therapeutic journey please reach out At 509-436-1777.

How We Work

We take one intern a year to join us in our learning space. We encourage you to bring your own experiences, knowledge and motivation for learning into our space. If interested in joining our team please reach out through email to Supervisor Heather Hart for more information on availability and process. 

Let's work together

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