You just got trained in EMDR and you’re feeling overwhelmed with all of the information being thrown at you. Feeling uncertain as to how to apply it to your clients and their struggles? All you know is that you were excited and now you’re full of fear and worry. Struggling with questions like, “What if I mess them up? What I don’t get the right target?  What happens if I make their symptoms worse?” 

We have all been there! I laugh as I write this because I myself have been there and sometimes still have moments that humble me. When you work alongside me for consultation we take everything slowly and step by step. There is no “wrong answer” or “bad answer”. We will help you discover a renewed sense of understanding, clarity and hope. 

Your clients deserve to feel safe, secure and at rest with you as their guide during their healing journey. My hope is that we focus in on your needs to create a safety and security within you that will translate to those you work alongside. You don’t have to struggle, you have an opportunity to ask for help. Let me join you on your journey of learning, growth and practice. Are you ready to begin your journey today?