Belonging in Identity

Belonging is something we all strive for. It is a matter of the heart. When we know we belong it gives us a sense of security and safety with others and within ourselves. Not everyone has the privelage of feeling as though they belong. This can be difficult and cause internal friction within oneself as well as external friction. This friction can cause mistrust, depression, anxiety and trauma. 

There are things we can control in our sense of belonging as it is not only up to the world to accept us but up to our own hearts to accept the goodness of others once more. The question we must ask ourselves is, how can we show up authentically and accept the community of those who offer it? It begins with you. Who do you want to be, what do you want others to experience within you? What within you needs healing so the shame, fear and worry can step aside and allow you to do differently. 

Belonging is not about fitting in with others but strengthening yourself so that no matter what you are okay and secure in stepping in and out of community, relationship and able to accept shifts and changes that naturally come with life. 

You are so worthy and deserving to feel that sense of belonging, community and acceptance. You are capable of healing. You can be brave and build strength in your identity.  As Brene Brown reminds us “belonging is being part of something bigger but also having the courage to stand alone, and to belong to yourself above all else.”